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I´m an real Bass Enthusiast and Bass Player since way back and now got a nice instrument collection.

I´m getting a bit older and I have no time play them all. So if you are interested in some instrument/s please let me know and we will see what we can do.


Please enjoy my homepage and all the nice instruments!

All the BASS
/ Bo


Fender Basses

1.  Fender JB Mocca Brown -74  (ex)

Serial Number:  369016 (Stratocaster neck plate indicates 1972)
Neck Date:  0203 (02 indicates Jazz Bass/03 indicates Fretted Maple Neck)
Pots Date:  1377451 (indicates year 1974 week 51)
Microphone Date:  Gray Bobbins 16 49 xx
(black pickguard/upper thumb rest/micro tilt system/pots/pups/ indicates late 74)
100% original

2.  Fender JB Sunburst -75  (ex+)
Serial Number:  698604 (late 1975 serial)
Neck Date:  “Torres”
Pots Date:  Blank
Microphone Date:  Black Bobbins (no serial)
Note:  Black pickguard/upper thumb rest/micro tilt system indicates 1975/76
100% original

3.  Fender JB Sunburst -74  (vg)
Serial Number:  540115
Pots Date:  137-7405 (indicates year 1974 week 05)
                  137-7352 + 137-7352 (indicates year 1973 week 52)
Microphone Date:  Neck 181974 original /Bridge replacement Lindy Fralin
Note:  Black pickguard/lower thumb rest/4 bolt neck/serial number/ neck pup indicates 1974

4.  Fender JB Black -72  (ex)
Serial Number:  340003
Pots Date:  304-7205 (indicates 1972 week 05)
Microphone Date:  9132-neck/9132-bridge (indicates winder 9 , week 13, 1972)
Note:  Tortoise pickguard/lower thumb rest/4 bolt neck/serial number/pups/pots/ indicates 1972
Refinished Black by GNU Sweden 2011

5.  Fender JB Sunburst -66  (ex)
Serial Number:  176543
Neck Date:  7 sept 66A (A indicates narrow 1½ inch JB neck)
Pots Date:  304-6632 (indicates week 32  year 1966) 304-6617/304-6631
Pickup Date:  9-16-66
Note:  Pearl Block markers neck (serial/pots/pups/indicates 1966)
100% original

6.  Fender PB Olympic White -62
Serial Number:  80279
Neck Date:  5 may 62C (C indicates wide 1 3/4  inch PB neck)
Pots Date:  (EPO85 250K 0744 CTS) replacement
Note:  Refinished body (Olympic White) by Ad Lib Sweden 05

7.  Fender PB Sunburst -65  (vg) 1
Serial Number:  L80423
Neck Date:  5MARS 65C (C indicates wide 1 3/4  inch PB neck)
Pots Date:  CTS Replacement EPO85 250k 0544
Pickup Date:  4-2-65
Note:  Serial/pots/pups/indicates 1965

8.  Fender PB Sunburst -65 (ex+)
Serial Number:  L73133
Neck Date:  5 june 65C (C indicates wide 1 3/4  inch PB neck)
Pots Date:  307-6520
Note:  Serial/pots/pups/indicates 1965
100% original

10.  Fender JB Sunburst Relic -62

Jaco Pastorius Tribute JB Fretless 
Serial Number:  R40234
Made in USA Custom Shop Corona
Epox coated fretless jazz neck (bought Guitar Center LA 2007)
100% original

A perfect re-creation of the instrument played by the perfect bassist.
Jaco Pastorius lived hard and played hard, and his bass paid for it. But despite consistent and brutal abuse (he was rumored to drag the thing around with no case), his trusty Jazz Bass still delivered that inimitable Jaco sound. Aside from a perfect new fingerboard, this is a faithful re-creation, right down to the peeling paint and screw holes from a previous pickup. Select alder body, special shaped maple neck, epoxy-coated fretless rosewood fingerboard, and replacement P Bass control knobs. Hardshell Fender case included.
• A re-creation in minute detail
• Select alder body
• Special shaped maple neck
• Epoxy-coated fretless rosewood fingerboard
• Deluxe Fender case

11.  Fender JB Marcus Miller -01 (ex+)
Serial Number: B003644
Made In Japan Ash Nature Color
100% original

Marcus Miller’s combination of soulful groove and astounding technical ability has made him one of the jazz world’s preeminent virtuoso bassists. Fender’s stylish Marcus Miller Jazz Bass® guitar is soulful and astounding, too. It has an ash body, distinctive black pickguard/control plate and one piece C-shaped maple neck with a 7.25”-radius maple fingerboard featuring white binding, white pearl block inlays and a satin finish (gloss finish on the headstock, plus Miller's signature). Incredible tone comes from dual vintage-style Jazz Bass single-coil pickups, and the two-band active EQ has an active/passive mini-toggle switch. Other features include chrome neck pickup cover, knurled chrome-dome knobs on the volume controls and black Jazz Bass knobs on the tone controls, a Badass® Bass II™ bridge and three-bolt neck plate. Deluxe gig bag included.

12.  Fender JB Sunburst AS -07  (mint)
American Standard
Serial Number: Z7226174
Made In USA Corona Plant 2007 Sunburst Color
String Through Body
100% original

13.  Fender JB Fiesta Red -09  (ex+)
Road Worn
Serial Number: MZ9420839
Made In Mexico (2009) Rosewood Fingerboard Fiesta Red color
100% original

14.  Fender JB Candy Apple Red -10  (mint)
50th Anniversary Limited Edition
Anniversary 1960
Serial Number: US10095853
Made In USA 2010. Rosewood Fingerboard Matching Headstock, Block Markers, Candy Apple Red color, String Through Body
100% original

The Fender® Jazz Bass® guitar was first delivered to the world in 1960. If the Precision® was a muscle car, the new Jazz bass was a sports car. Although remarkably unchanged since its introduction half a century ago, the Jazz Bass did see a very gradual succession of subtle design refinements over the course of the past five decades. Accordingly, our 50th anniversary Jazz Bass is a truly distinctive instrument in that it boasts design touches from several periods in Jazz Bass history.

15.  Fender PB Sunburst -08  (mint)
Fender USA Deluxe
Serial Number:DZ7174293
Note: Made In USA 2008 Rosewood Fingerboard Dot Markers Sunburst colour
String Through Body
100% original

2010 - present

2010 - present


16.  Musicman Stingray -77 (g)
Serial Number: B003416 neckplate
Neck: Maple
Note: Made In USA (Pre Ernie Ball) Color Brown Heavy Ash Body
100% original

17.  Musicman Stingray -76 (g)
Serial Number: B004087 neckplate
Neck: Maple
Note: Made In USA (Pre Ernie Ball) Color Nature Heavy Ash Body
100% original

18.  Musicman Stingray -77  (vg)
Serial Number: B002082 neckplate
Neck: Birds eye maple
Note: Made In USA (Pre Ernie Ball), Color Nature,
Heavy Ash Body, White pickup cover
100% original, 1977 2nd March

19. Musicman Stingray Custom -98 (ex+)
Serial Number: No serial
Neck: Rosewood fretboard
Made In Ljubliana, Slovenia, Color Nature, Solid Body
100% original

Tobias, MTD, ZON, WAL, Neuser, Wolf

21.  Tobias The Classics -90  (ex+)
Serial Number: 1836
Pickup: Custom by Bill Bartolini
Note: Made in USA (Pre Gibson) Hand made by Michael Tobias, Flamed maple/walnut
100% original

22/  Tobias The Signature -88  (ex+)
Serial Number: 1216
Pickup: Custom by Bill Bartolini
Note: Made in USA, Hand made by Michael Tobias (Pre Gibson),
Dark exotic wood Zebra/Wenge1988
100% original

23.  MTD 535 Michael Tobias -98  (mint)
Serial Number: 42501239
Pickup: Custom by Bill Bartolini
Note: Special Built for EBS by Michael Tobias
Tulipwood/Wenge “10” top, Tiger Myrtle wood
100% original

24.  ZON Legacy Standard -94  (ex+)
Serial Number: 92494
Neck: 34" Graphite
Pickup: Bartolini
Made in USA 1994 September, Amber/Maple w/chr.hdwr and ZON gigbag
100% original

25.  Neuser EBS Signature -94  (ex)
Serial Number: 9407168 (Cloudburst)
Neck: 9 piece maple, mahogany / ovangol Neck-thru body construction
Fingerboard: Ebony fretboard
Pickup : Bartolini & EBS P2 electronic
Wood: Top: Flamed Maple, Middle: Alder, Back: Maple
Thin lines: Mahogany, Finnich: Vaxed, Lamin: 11 / 5
Gotoh Gold Hardware, Made in Slovakia, Bratislava
100% original


26.  Neuser Cloudburst -95  (ex)
Serial Number: 9508266
Neck: Ebony fingerboard
Pickup: SKB & EBS electronics
Wood: Cherry Burst Top: Birdseye Maple, Middle: Ash, Back: Alder
Thin lines: Mahogany, Finnich: High gloss
lacquer (nitrolack), Lamin: 11 / 5
Gotoh Gold Hardware, Made in Slovakia, Bratislava
100% original

27.  Neuser Curage -94  (ex)
Serial Number: 920842
Neck:  5 to 7 piece maple, mahogany / ovangol
Fingerboard: Ebony fingerboard, Neuser v-inlays changing radius 10"-16" 
Pickup: Bartolini Soap Bar & EBS P2 electronics
Note: Mixed Wood Birdseye Maple Warwick Gotoh Gold Hardware
Finish: hand rubbed wax-oil: 7 / 2
Made in Slovakia, Bratislava
100% original

28.  Wal Mk 3 -97  (ex+)
Serial Number: no serial
Neck: 5-lam – Rock maple outer, Brazilian mahogany stripes & Hornbeam centre section
Pickup: WAL Soap Bars & electronics
Body: Hydua face, Brazilian mahogany core, Cross-ply maple veneer, Cherry/Black, 3-lam
Note: Hardware/XLR/Tele Output, Made By Pete Stevens, United Kingdom 1997 2 Oct
Original Flight case WAL
100% original

The Mk 3 is a condensed version of the Mk2 body. It also features a 24 fret neck but tunes with Ultra lite machine heads and has a cutaway neck joint for better access to the higher register.

30.  Wolf (high end copy bass) -08  (ex) 
Serial Number: No serial
Pickup: Soap Bars (2x9 volt)
Note: Mixed Wood color Maple /black hardware
German design made in Korea
100% original

Rickenbacker, Hofner, Hohner, Kala etc.

9.  Rickenbacker 4001 -73  (ex+)
Model 4001, Burgundy Glow
Serial Number: LK 1410
Note: Serial/pots/pups/indicates 1973
100% original

20.  Hofner violin bass -67 (ex)
Neck Date: Rosewood dot net
Made In Germany 1967 Sunburst

100% original

31.  Hohner Acoustic -92  (EX)

Model: TWP600B PBS
Serial Number: Model: TWP600B PBS

100% original92100311
Pickup: Built In / Preamp w tone control
Color: Cherry Burst/chrome hardware
German design made in Japan.
100% original

39. Kala S-U-B Sunburst Solid Body -11 (mint)

• Gloss 3-tone Sunburst
• Fretted
• Poplar Solid Body
• Bolt-on Maple neck with rosewood fretboard
• HIPSHOT licensed tuning machines
• Rosewood nut
• SHADOW active pickup system with volume control and 2-band EQ
• Proprietary Polyurethane strings
• U-Bass logo gig bag included

100% original

32.  Diadem 4-String -09  (ex+)
Contra Bass Hole
Serial Number: no serial
Neck: Rosewood Dot Neck
Pickup: P-Bass pickup
Made in China, Color: wood (maple), Chrome hardware

100% original

29.  Falcon 4-String

Serial Number: no serial
Pickup: Soap Bars
Color red, Chrome hardware

Acostic Guitars - Martin, Takamine

33.  Martin D-41 -03  (mint)
Serial Number: 923304
Construction: Mahogany Blocks/Dovetail Neck Joint
Body Size: D-14 Fret
Top: Solid Sitka Spruce
Rosette: Style 45
Acoustic Guitar, Made in USA
100% original

This gorgeous Dreadnought boasts a solid spruce top that is hand-joined to lustrous rosewood back and sides. Abalone inlays in the rosette and ebony fretboard, combined with full binding and gold hardware, make the D-41 as sumptuous to gaze upon as it is to play.

34/  Martin D-28 -94  (ex)
Serial Number: 546509
Construction: Mahogany Blocks/Dovetail Neck Joint
Body Size: D-14 Fret
Top: Solid Sitka Spruce
Rosette: Style 28
Pickup: Built In, 9 volt
Acoustic Guitar, Made in USA
100% original

The D-28 is the Dreadnought by which all others are judged. Constructed of solid East Indian rosewood back and sides, Sitka spruce top and mahogany neck, this instrument has been a favorite of artists from Hank Williams Sr. to Jimmy Page. Massive bass response balanced with articulate highs makes this a benchmark acoustic guitar and a must-have for every guitarist. Perfect for the intermediate and advanced player.


35/  Takamine Model G330 -83  (ex)
Serial Number: 83022194
Acoustic Guitar
Made in Japan
100% original

Electric Guitars - Gibson, Fender, Ibanez

36/  1957 Les Paul Goldtop VOS (mint)
Serial Number: 7-0043
Pickup: Puff Mickar
Electric Guitar Gibson Custom Vintage Reissue
Made in USA 2000
100% original

Aside from the pickups, the basic specifications of those 1957 Les Paul Model Goldtops remained the same. There were, however, several minor cosmetic variations that made the 1957 version significant in the development of the Les Paul, the most noteworthy of which was the placement of the inlaid, pearl-cut Gibson logo, which was moved closer to the top edge of the headstock. Additionally, 1957 was to be the last full year of production for a Gibson model with a Goldtop finish. The popular color would not adorn another Gibson guitar until 1968.
“A truly magnificent instrument with its natural mahogany back and neck, while the top is in gleaming gold with contrasting ivory trim.” — Original Gibson advertisement, circa 1955
By 1957, Gibson's evolving Les Paul model guitar had already undergone several key modifications that would remain as the foundation of the iconic version known around the world today as the Les Paul Standard. But while the addition of the new Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece one year earlier had greatly improved the overall functionality of the Les Paul, nothing would compare with the addition of Gibson’s pioneering humbucking pickup in 1957.

37/  Fender Japan Telecaster -03 (ex+)
Serial Number: A03 25 40
Neck: Japan Neck
Pots Date:
Pickup: Tele
Electric Guitar Japan Reissue color Nature (Body/neckplate manufactured in England)

38.  Ibanez Telecaster -78  (vg)
Pickup: Tele + Humbucker DiMarzio
Electric Guitar Ibanez Reissue
Made in Japan, Color Olympic White

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